About Dr. Roger Hatcher PHD

Adult and child psychologist Roger Hatcher, PhD, treats patients with psychological and neuropsychological disorders at PsychCare Associates, PC, in Aurora, Illinois. As a clinical psychologist and practice director, Dr. Hatcher has dedicated much of his professional life to caring for youths. A founding member of the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators, he has performed more than 1,500 custody evaluations for courts throughout Illinois. While co-director of the Developmental Evaluation Clinic at Prentice Women’s and Maternity Center in Chicago, Roger Hatcher, PhD, studied neonates and children with developmental disorders. Additionally, he has spoken on television and at professional conferences about issues ranging from newborns with polydrug and methadone addictions to children’s concerns with war.

Dr. Hatcher graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in psychology and minoring in biology and chemistry. Remaining in the state, he earned a master of arts in clinical psychology from Chicago’s Roosevelt University. Subsequently, Roger Hatcher, PhD, graduated from Boston College with departmental highest distinction and a doctorate in developmental-clinical psychology.

After earning his PhD, he founded PsychCare Associates, a clinical psychology group practice, and served as a consultant at Dreyer Medical Clinic, Prentice Women’s Hospital, and Rush-Copley Memorial Hospital. An associate and assistant professor with Northwestern University Medical School for more than 10 years and graduate faculty for six, Dr. Hatcher also mentored undergraduates at Elmhurst College. In recognition of his advocacy of professional psychology and his accomplishments in the field, he obtained the American Psychological Association’s Karl F. Heiser APA Presidential Award for Advocacy and the National Catholic Educational Association’s Distinguished Graduate Award.


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